Wednesday, 22 June 2016

More triplets and cosy golf balls

Our little mother robin has been a very busy bird. After rebuilding her nest, she has 3 eggs to look after now. We hope she can stay on the nest long enough to keep them warm and safe in between golfers going by.

What are the odds of 2 drives on #7 ending up this close? Slim and none, I would think, but Patty McDonald and Diane Moffat accomplished it! Thanks Diane for both pictures.

Next week is our 4th Team Play day.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Heart and Stroke Foundation Tournament

Heather Lloyd is helping organize this H&S fundraiser, Golf Fore Heart, at Dalewood on July 13.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Closest to the Pin for Shirley and a Reminder

During the Police Association Golf Tournament at Port Hope Golf Club, Shirley Harrison beat all players to take home the prize - a Bluetooth Bose player. It was a 154-yard shot with her new driver! You go, girl!!

A message from Ann Hall, our handicap and match play convenor:

"This is just a friendly reminder for those of you that have signed up for any of the Match Play competitions. The first round of the matches are to be completed by June 26th. Please try to have your match(es) completed by then. This will allow the second rounds to get started on time. The person on the top of the ladder is responsible for contacting her opponent. However, if you haven't heard from her, and you are waiting, perhaps be proactive and give her a call or an email.  There have been a number of matches completed already and it seems everyone is enjoying the competition. Best of luck to all."

Hospital Tournament and the Nest

There is a new poster on the bulletin boards advertising the NHH Tournament on July 27th. I told Jim Mills I would put the flyer on the blog for him.

Our very determined, and perhaps not too smart, robin is back with another nest by the water on #3 tee and has an egg in there now.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A questionable spot on #15

There is a spot on #15 about 75 yards from the green in the right rough that you should know how to  proceed correctly if your ball happens to end up there. Last year, it was marked off with ropes as "ground under repair". Until recently the area was very wet, had water in it, and much longer grass around it than our usual rough.  It appears that the area has dried up and the grass has been cut. It is still a very rough area with a rut running down the middle (where the water used to be).

However, since there is no water in it right now and there is no marking for "ground under repair", you must play the ball as it lies. 

If it becomes wet again after some heavy rain, perhaps, there may be other rules in play:

Embedded Ball: If your ball becomes embedded in its own pitch mark, you may lift, clean and drop as near as possible to where the ball lay, not closer to the hole.

Casual Water: If the ball is in the water, or if you would have to stand in the water to make your swing, you make take relief from that circumstance. To do it properly:
a) mark your ball before you pick it up (to make sure you are not closer to the hole when it's all done)
b) take your stance as close as possible to the spot where the ball lay, where it is dry
c) hold the club you intend to swing in your normal stance
d) put one tee on the ground at the club head
d) lay your driver on the ground from that tee in any direction, not closer to the hole
e) place another tee in the ground and drop the ball from shoulder height between the tees.

Lost Ball: If you happen to lose your ball in that area and you have not hit a provisional ball, you need to go back to the spot you hit that ball from and hit again, with a penalty shot.

Best advice: Stay the heck away from there!!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Greta Philips and Member-Guest

The Greta Philips Trophy is a better-ball competition played on either Sunday, June 19 or Tuesday, June 21. It is a partner competition where you each play your own ball until one of you has the best score for the hole, using your handicap strokes allotted on the card. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board. (The cost is covered by your assessment, so what do you have to lose?) If you want to play but don't have a partner, sign up and someone else may put their name down beside you.  If you are not playing in that competition, there is still regular golf on that Tuesday.

****   MEMBERS - $45   GUESTS $65  ****
Any member can play in this fun tournament, with or without a guest.  2 members can play together if they don’t have a guest.  There are 4 people to a team, so we will match up twosomes to make a team. You can sign up as many guests as you want and can make up your own team or teams. Just indicate who is to be on your team. 

Everyone must have a handicap.  So if your guest doesn’t have one you must decide if they should have a high or low handicap.  It depends how much they golf.  The maximum is 44.  For any guest without a handicap the average handicap given is 40.

NOTE:   Members will be chitted for themselves, their guests and any carts. 

QUESTIONS? Just contact any of the committee:
Yvonne Shannon – 905-377-1588
Ariane Macdonald – 905-373-0023
Barb Pemberton – 905-885-2575
Shirley Harrison – 905-885-2142
Diane Arsenault – 905-349-2562
Lorraine Hinchliffe – 905-372-4681

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Photos and Results from Opening Field Day

As promised more pictures from our Opening Field Day and the results at the bottom. Thanks Lynn Attley, for taking them.

Joan checking out the competition, while Ann Hall greets Rachel Jackson at the registration table.

Tami Garrett and Barb Pemberton discussing strategy - it must have worked - they were first!

More prepping for the big day!

Heading out to the course - let's get this show on the road!

Some of the prizes!

The results for the day:

Thursday, 2 June 2016

What you see when you have a camera!

A former member used to say "if you can't find your ball, go back 30 yards." That is often true, but occasionally one should say "look up". I understand Linda Isaac got into a little predicament on Tuesday on #5, which caused a few laughs. We'll have to get the details on how she handled the situation. Thanks Laura Roberge, for the photo.

Last month, Laura Ebbrell 'snapped' a picture of a rather large turtle casually marching from the creek to the pond on #13. She said it was about 15" across the shell. I'm trying to picture how it climbed up the steep bank of the creek!

And continuing the wildlife theme, a few golfers saw this pair of rather large turkeys on #9 on Tuesday. The bigger one stood about 3 feet tall.