Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Our theme on Sunday was Spring Forward and the target on #10 for driving accuracy was very appropriate:

Another sure sign of spring is lurking in the background - watch your step!

Two members who were all "matchy-matchy" on Sunday were Young Mee Kim and Bridget Smith!

Meet our new members:

Young Mee Kim
(Pictured above)
Born: Seoul, Korea
Lives now: Port Hope
How long have you golfed? About 15 years, but not regularly until recently.
What do you like most about golf? Social / exercise / outdoors / drinks brought to you by pretty people.
Your goal in golf this year: Getting a better short game and meeting new golfing friends.
Favourite 19th hole drink: White wine spritzer.
Other activities/hobbies: Tennis, jewellery making, real estate, cooking, and generally being outdoors.
Job or former one: Realtor, Health Shoppe owner, homeopath, nutritionist.
Married? Kids? Married to wonderful husband, Roger Daly. No kids, but awesome nieces and nephews.
Interesting places you've lived: Kitsalano in Vancouver.

Cheryl Baker
Grew up on a farm just outside Port Hope.
Lives: Hamilton township
How long have you golfed: About 10 years.
Goal in golf this year: hitting longer shots.
Favourite 19th hole drink: Beer (citrus ones) or Sangria
Activities/hobbies: Downhill skiing, skating, travelling, reading.
Former job: Retired Public Health Nurse.
Married, kids, grandkids: Married with 2 adult children and a 10 month old grandson.
interesting places you've lived: Moose Jaw, SK

Monday, 27 May 2019

The weather cooperated very nicely for our Opening Field Day on Sunday May 26. The course is in great shape, despite the wet, cool spring we have had. As an added bonus, we were able to use the newly renovated tee on #4.

First Place: Cheryl Baker, Gail Richards, and Tracey Bodashefsky (Captain)

Second Place: Gina Jackson, Sandi Webb, Yvonne Shannon, Tami Garrett (Captain)

Third Place: Ene Milner, Janet Hull (Captain), Shirley Harrison, Patty McDonald

Fourth Place: Jeanne Beaith (Captain), Bridget Smith, Sandy Young, Susan Ross-Foster

Fifth Place: Linda MacDonald, Sandi MacDonald (Captain), Diane Moffat, missing Betty Bright

Sixth Place: Laura Roberge, Sharon Klan (Captain), Lynda Rennick, Young-Mee Kim

Seventh Place: Carol MacGregor, Ann Dobby, Donna Todd (Captain), Anne Parks

Tied Eighth Place: Joan Hayward (Captain), Laura Ebbrell, Lynn Attley, Annabel Thorpe

Tied Eighth Place: Ariane Macdonald, Claudia van der Meulen (Captain), Dale Hodge, Joan McCann

Individual Winners:

Closest to the Spring flower #10

0-26 hcp Donna Todd; 27-36 hcp Annabel Thorpe; 37+ Yvonne Shannon

Closest to the Line #6

0-26 hcp Young-Mee Kim; 27-36 hcp Betty Bright; 37+ hcp Gail Richards

Pot of Gold #13

Jeanne Beaith, Laura Roberge

Saturday, 25 May 2019

As thunder was rolling through and the downpour continued around 1:30 on Saturday, I was thinking how wise it was for our executive to postpone our Opening until Sunday. Thank you to Anne and Tracey for all the extra emails, phone calls, and time that the change entailed. Well done, Ladies! Now for some sun. Don't forget the shotgun is at 12 noon.

Get to know the new members:

 Grace Rivers
Born: Scotland
Lives now: New Amherst, Cobourg, having moved from Toronto 2 years ago
How long have you golfed? On and off (mainly off) for 15 years.
What you like most about golf: The outdoors, the company, and the frustration.
Your goal in golf this year: To improve by getting back to basics and golf at least once a week.
Favourite 19th hole drink: Sauvignon Blanc
Other activities or hobbies: Theatre, symphony, bridge, travel, reading.
Job or former one: Area Director GTA for Adecco Staffing Services
Married for 53 years to a golfer, 2 sons, 5 grandchildren ages 5 - 13.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Get to know our new members:

Ann Dobby
Born: Montreal, QC
Lives: Colborne
How long have you golfed? 35 years
What do you like most about golf? Being in nature, the continuous challenge, and the camaraderie among players.
Your goal in golf for this year: Stay out of the water!!!
Your favourite 19th hole drink: A cold pale ale
Hobbies: Gardening, guitar, singing in a choir, art lessons, cooking.
Job (or former one): Hospital administration
Married, kids, grandkids? Partner, nieces

Tami Garrett
Born: Halifax, NS
Lives: Port Hope
How long have you golfed? 35 years
What do you like most about golf? Meeting new people, getting outside, and challenging myself.
Your goal for golf this year: Reduce my handicap by 5 strokes.
Favourite 19th hole drink: As a non-drinker, water or a soda.
Hobbies: Mountain biking, kayaking, camping, skiing
Job (or former one): EA to the Mayor of Port Hope.
Married, kids, grandkids? Married to Ted, one daughter Jennifer, and two grandsons, Sam (6) and Gus (2)
Interesting places you have lived: Honolulu, HI; San Francisco, CA; Norfolk, VA

Monday, 20 May 2019

We are very sad to announce the passing of Ken Lee, husband of Helen Lee, on Sunday, May 19. Our  sincere condolences go out to Helen and family.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Barb Pemberton is at the PGA Championship in New York City. She reports that:

"Beautiful sunny, squishy under foot, day at Bethpage Black. Good thing it is not too hot, you wouldn’t want to get too thirsty!"

Monday, 13 May 2019

Here are some reminders for upcoming events and achievement board:

TEAM PLAY DEADLINE: - Saturday, May 18. If you will not be at the club between now and then, email Jeanne at jbeaith@sympatico.ca to make sure you are included. As of Saturday, there were only 27 names - not enough to run Team Play. We need more players. Also, captains are still needed, so please consider taking your turn. You will get all the help you need.

OPENING FIELD DAY: - Saturday, May 25 - shotgun at 12 noon, with dinner and prizes following. Please sign up by Wed, May 22. It will be a step-aside scramble and if you've paid the section assessment, there is no cost for prizes. The raffle for new grips will be done that day. Buy your tickets.

MATCH PLAY DEADLINE: - You must sign up for the 18 hole singles, doubles, 9 hole singles, and putting matches by Saturday, May 25.

PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT BOARDS: Record your best scores on holes (Ringers), birdies, pars, bogeys, and chip-ins on the form provided in the locker room. (Barb will look after posting them.) You can choose only one day a week (Sunday to Saturday) to record those scores.
A tip: most women record all their games on one card for the week, and then choose one day for the best results. Remember to fill in all 18 holes for your ringer scores at the beginning of the season - you can always change the scores on individual holes throughout the year, but if all 18 aren't recorded at the end of the competition, you aren't eligible for a prize. Most of these are geared to handicap groups, so everyone has a chance to win.

Mother Nature, PLEASE turn off the taps now!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Your 2019 Women's Section Executive

Back Row L to R: Diane Moffat, Handicap and Match Play Convenor; Linda MacDonald, Secretary; Anne Parks, Games Captain; Patty McDonald, Past President

Front Row L to R: Lynda Rennick, House and Social; Ariane Macdonald, Vice-President; Tracey Bodashefsky, President; Lynn Attley, Treasurer