Thursday, 23 June 2022

We paired up with a partner and played the Eleni Ponting Better Ball

on Tuesday on a very hot day!

The Teams:

Linda MacDonald & Bridget Smith; Yvonne Shannon & Susan Ross-Foster

Betty Bright & Jane Gibbens; Patti Hunt & Patty McDonald

Moneen Smith & Joanne O'Sullivan; Annabel Thorpe & Ariane Macdonald

Diane Arsenault & Dale Hodge; Dawn McMaster & Cathy Morin

Jeanne Beaith & Laura McCracken Ebbrell; Anne Parks & Donna Todd

Leanne Stevenson & Sandy Young; Gail Richards & Rachel Jackson

Sandi MacDonald & Leah Anne Goody; Tracey Bodashefsky & Ann Hall

Barb Pemberton & Joan Hayward; Janet Hull & Laura Roberge

The Results:

1 Betty Bright & Jane Gibbens - 65 Congratulations!!

T2 Ann Hall & Tracey Bodashefsky - 66
Jeanne Beaith & Laura McCracken Ebbrell - 66

T4 Donna Todd & Anne Parks - 67
Linda MacDonald & Bridget Smith - 67

T6 Joan Hayward & Barb Pemberton - 68
Sandy Young & Leanne Stevenson - 68
Diane Arsenault & Dale Hodge - 68

9 Susan Ross-Foster & Yvonne Shannon - 69

T10 Janet Hull & Laura Roberge - 70
Sandi MacDonald & Leah Anne Goody - 70
Ariane Macdonald & Annabel Thorpe - 70

T13 Rachel Jackson & Gail Richards - 71
Dawn McMaster & Cathy Morin - 71

15 Patty McDonald & Patti Hunt -72

16 Joanne O'Sullivan & Moneen Smith - 73


From Laura McCracken Ebbrell: You can support the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation by purchasing 6 or 12 bottles of wine from Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery. You can order a 6 pack for $130 or a 12 bottle mixed case for $191.40. 
For more details and to place your order:

Sunday, 19 June 2022

 There is a definite "birdie theme" going on here:

From Susan: "On #8 I hit the pin, but the ball did not drop. Both Lynda and I got birdies. She took a great shot for the birdie theme.

Congrats on two (3) great shots!
(And thanks for sending, Susan.)


If you signed up for match play this is just a friendly reminder that the first round must be played by this Friday, June 24. 
Hopefully you have made arrangements.


If you won a prize certificate in the Opening Field Day, please keep it to redeem for merchandise in the pro shop.

Friday, 3 June 2022

This and that

Our match play charts have been posted by Dale Hodge, the match play and handicap convenor. They are also posted on the tabs above. June 24 (three weeks from today) is the date by which the first match must be played - don't delay in getting a conversation started. It's especially tricky in the doubles, with 4 people. Signed and attested scorecards are to be put in the box on the cabinet in the locker room. Match play scores are to be entered for handicap and may be used for the achievement board in addition to another game played that week.

The rules are posted above each match - it's always a good idea to refresh your memory. 

New this year - we are using 90% of handicap for the doubles matches, as per a Golf Canada recommendation. On the GC website, ( under your name is Playing Handicap Percentage, which you can open to 90%. Then below on the chart, you look at your Playing Handicap (not Course Handicap) for Women's RED. Any questions? Dale can help.

Good luck and have fun!


A question about bunker play has come up a couple of times recently. "What am I allowed to do when I am under the lip and can't possibly go forward?"  This one on #12 below is an example:

One option is to hit it right or left out of the bunker, but sometimes that may be impossible. Another option is to take a penalty stroke and keeping the ball and the flag in line with each other, go back within the bunker as far as you'd like (see #2 below). For 2 penalty strokes you may drop outside the bunker, again keeping the ball and flag in line (see #4 below). 


Hole-in-One Club

Each time someone in the club gets a hole-in-one, people in the club are charged $2 on their accounts. About 80% of that money is put on the account of the lucky shooter to spend in the pro shop or the bar/restaurant - right now about $245. About 20% is taken to buy each winner a gift to remember the occasion. 

If you were a member of the Hole in One Club last year, you are already enrolled for this year. The more people in it, the larger the prize money, so encourage all you friends to join up. On average we have between 15 and 20 holes-in-one every season.

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

 Welcome to Dalewood - Lori Sheffield

      Where do you live? New to Cobourg. Lived in Markham 36 years.

Where were you born? Toronto

How long have you played golf? 18 years

What is the thing you like most about golf? That changes daily! Number one would be playing with my husband. That never changes.

Your goal in golf for this year? Same as it’s been since I started golfing! Lower my cap.

Your favourite/least favourite hole at Dalewood, if you have one? My favourite is 13. Least favourite is definitely 1.

Your favourite 19th hole drink? "Natasha Special" created just for me or a Caesar.

Other activities or hobbies? Not during golf season.  Exercise and puzzles in the off season.

Job or former one? Last job was part time personal trainer.

Married, kids? Married. Cats!

Monday, 30 May 2022


Thanks to Captain Sandy Young and the Golf Committee for putting together a great day, with fabulous food and beautiful weather!


Donna Todd, Laura McCracken Ebbrell, Sandy Young, Lynn Attley 

Su Morrow, Leanne Stevenson, Bridget Smith, Patty McDonald

Leah Anne Goody, Dale Hodge, Barb Pemberton, Susan Ross-Foster

Betty Bright, Gail Richards, Jeanne Beaith, Patti Hunt

Cathy Morin, Claudia van der Meulen, Linda MacDonald, Joan Hayward

Jane Gibbens, Ann Hall, Annabel Thorpe, Tracey Bodashefsky

Carol MacGregor, Yvonne Shannon, Janet Hull, Anne Parks

Sandi MacDonald, Ene Milner, Ariane Macdonald, Lori Sheffield


1Jeanne Beaith7126.544.5
Patty Hunt
Gail Richards
Betty Bright
2Sandi MacDonald7425.7548.25
Ene MilnerRETRO
Ariane Macdonald
Lori Sheffield
T3Janet Hull7526.7548.25
Yvonne Shannon
Carol MacGregor
anne Parks
T3Sandy Young7425.7548.25
Laura Ebbrell
Lynn Attley
Donna Todd

Closest to the pin: Ene Milner, Jeanne Beaith
A big thank you to HOLTONFLOWERS for the lovely bouquet donations!!

Pot of Gold winners (in the tiny circle):
Lori Sheffield, Joan Hayward

Where did this come from?  Hard hats recommended.

But later Donna won the 50/50 draw and felt much better!

And we had "TWIN PATTIES".

Monday, 16 May 2022

Aeration is taking place on one of the nines, so we will play the other nine twice if we want to play 18 holes. A suggestion is to play the proposed orange tees the second time around. It will be an interesting comparison for you and a little less boring. There is no "toonie game" on Tuesday.

You will be able to enter a nine hole score for the first 9 on red, but not the second from the proposed orange as they are not rated.

Friday, 13 May 2022

New Member Profile

Welcome to Dalewood, Leah Anne Goody! 

Where do you live? Gore’s Landing

Where were you born? Gore’s Landing

How long have you played golf? I started playing golf in 1985 at the Stratford Country Club.

What is the thing you like most about golf?    The never ending quest to improve your score.

Your goal in golf for this year?  I would like to improve my putting.

Your favourite/least favourite hole at Dalewood, if you have one?  Don’t have one yet.

Your favourite 19th hole drink? Caesar

Other activities or hobbies? I love to play hockey and hang out at Rice Lake.

Job or former one?  I am a retired secondary school teacher. I taught at Listowel District Secondary for 30+ years.

Married, kids?  I am married and have two children, two grandchildren and three dogs. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Our Tuesdays Begin

A great start for our "Tuesday women's day" league. Great weather, good company and some birdie juice - what could be better?

Thanks for the photo, Bridget!

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

New Member Profile

 Welcome to Dalewood, Patti Hunt (who actually joined last Aug):

Where do you live? Port Hope

Born: Ottawa

How long have you played golf? About 20 years but only to get out socially.

Your goal in golf this year: Definitely to improve my game.

Your favourite hole at Dalewood: #11 is my fave only because I got my first birdie ever there! (Congrats!)

Your favourite 19th hole drink: Caesar

Other activities/hobbies: Skiing, curling, crosswords

Married, kids? 3 grown children; 3 year old grandson.

New Member Profile

 Welcome to Dalewood, Dawn McMaster!

Born: Belleville 

I have played golf since I was a little kid. Hard to believe that means more than a half century!

I love the challenge of the game, the feeling when you hit a great shot (too rare!), and the social aspect of the sport. And I get to be outside - my happy place.

My goal for this year is to improve the consistency of my long game and to play smarter on/around the green. I also want to try more organized golf as opposed to ‘family rules'. And most importantly, meet others who enjoy the game.

My favourite hole is #8. Fun hole and delicious apples! My least favourite is #1. It is discouraging to start each game with a big number on the card. 

Favourite #19th hole drink would be a cold beer on a hot day.

I love to garden, cycle, hike and previously, ride horses.

Formerly a middle and high school science teacher, finishing my job as Director of Curriculum, MYP and DP Coordinator. I still teach occasionally for OISE. 

I am married with two grown children. My daughter sometimes plays with us at Dalewood.