Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Get to know our new members:

Ann Dobby
Born: Montreal, QC
Lives: Colborne
How long have you golfed? 35 years
What do you like most about golf? Being in nature, the continuous challenge, and the camaraderie among players.
Your goal in golf for this year: Stay out of the water!!!
Your favourite 19th hole drink: A cold pale ale
Hobbies: Gardening, guitar, singing in a choir, art lessons, cooking.
Job (or former one): Hospital administration
Married, kids, grandkids? Partner, nieces

Tami Garrett
Born: Halifax, NS
Lives: Port Hope
How long have you golfed? 35 years
What do you like most about golf? Meeting new people, getting outside, and challenging myself.
Your goal for golf this year: Reduce my handicap by 5 strokes.
Favourite 19th hole drink: As a non-drinker, water or a soda.
Hobbies: Mountain biking, kayaking, camping, skiing
Job (or former one): EA to the Mayor of Port Hope.
Married, kids, grandkids? Married to Ted, one daughter Jennifer, and two grandsons, Sam (6) and Gus (2)
Interesting places you have lived: Honolulu, HI; San Francisco, CA; Norfolk, VA

Monday, 20 May 2019

We are very sad to announce the passing of Ken Lee, husband of Helen Lee, on Sunday, May 19. Our  sincere condolences go out to Helen and family.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Barb Pemberton is at the PGA Championship in New York City. She reports that:

"Beautiful sunny, squishy under foot, day at Bethpage Black. Good thing it is not too hot, you wouldn’t want to get too thirsty!"

Monday, 13 May 2019

Here are some reminders for upcoming events and achievement board:

TEAM PLAY DEADLINE: - Saturday, May 18. If you will not be at the club between now and then, email Jeanne at to make sure you are included. As of Saturday, there were only 27 names - not enough to run Team Play. We need more players. Also, captains are still needed, so please consider taking your turn. You will get all the help you need.

OPENING FIELD DAY: - Saturday, May 25 - shotgun at 12 noon, with dinner and prizes following. Please sign up by Wed, May 22. It will be a step-aside scramble and if you've paid the section assessment, there is no cost for prizes. The raffle for new grips will be done that day. Buy your tickets.

MATCH PLAY DEADLINE: - You must sign up for the 18 hole singles, doubles, 9 hole singles, and putting matches by Saturday, May 25.

PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT BOARDS: Record your best scores on holes (Ringers), birdies, pars, bogeys, and chip-ins on the form provided in the locker room. (Barb will look after posting them.) You can choose only one day a week (Sunday to Saturday) to record those scores.
A tip: most women record all their games on one card for the week, and then choose one day for the best results. Remember to fill in all 18 holes for your ringer scores at the beginning of the season - you can always change the scores on individual holes throughout the year, but if all 18 aren't recorded at the end of the competition, you aren't eligible for a prize. Most of these are geared to handicap groups, so everyone has a chance to win.

Mother Nature, PLEASE turn off the taps now!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Your 2019 Women's Section Executive

Back Row L to R: Diane Moffat, Handicap and Match Play Convenor; Linda MacDonald, Secretary; Anne Parks, Games Captain; Patty McDonald, Past President

Front Row L to R: Lynda Rennick, House and Social; Ariane Macdonald, Vice-President; Tracey Bodashefsky, President; Lynn Attley, Treasurer

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

May 1 is National Golf Day - sure, it would be preferable to have warmer weather, but it coincides with the rest of North America. And what better time to get people thinking about joining a golf club? Or getting out to play?

From Golf Canada: Did you know that -

- more than five million golfers play close to 60 million rounds annually at nearly 2,300 golf facilities from coast to coast—the most participated sport in this country?

- golf is a significant economic driver generating more than $14.3 billion in economic impact and employing more than 300,000 jobs, nearly 40% of which are summer students?

- direct revenues generated by golf courses and their facilities ($5.0 billion) rivals the revenues generated by all other participation sports and recreation facilities combined ($4.8 billion)?

- golf courses host more than 37,000 charity events that raise more than $533 million annually to support important causes?

- the health benefits of moderate-intensity physical activity, burning 850 to 1,500 calories as well as muscle endurance, blood circulation, flexibility, and mental health along with respiratory, metabolic, and cardiovascular improvements can’t be discounted?

- golf, as a safe and inclusive family sport, is good for our children, instilling etiquette and values such as integrity, honest, fair play, and the spirit of camaraderie?

Monday, 15 April 2019

While most of us were watching The Masters and cheering on Corey Conners from here, two of our members were actually there on Saturday. Gail and Terry Richards are pictured in front of the iconic clubhouse and as Gail said "I took a little piece of Dalewood to The Masters - my pink hat!"

Friday, 5 April 2019

Are you "Rules Ready"? 

If you would like to learn about all the rule changes and refresh your memory on others, come to the Rules Seminar presented by the GAO on Tuesday, April 23 at 7pm. Thanks to Brad for organizing it.

In the meantime, you can prepare by looking at the Golf Rules section on the tab above this post. There are explanations, diagrams, and videos. 

Don't forget the Open House Saturday, April 6 11am - 5pm

Save the date - May 4 - our Opening Meeting.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Laura and René were golfing with their Panama City Beach buddies. Laura shot 84 on this day!!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Sandi and Claudia competed this week in the Ontario 55+ Games in Huntsville. They represented District 12, which is this area and Peterborough. Seven of the women were from Cobourg and they qualified at a tournament in November. 12 teams applied to go and 8 got in. They won their pool of four teams (undefeated and with no goals against!) and advanced to the final where they won the Gold Medal game 2-1.
This qualifies them for the Canadian Senior Games in Kamloops in 2020. (The delay is because the winter Games only happen every two years.)

Congratulations, Sandi and Claudia!!