Thursday, 18 December 2014

Flashback Friday - Dec 18

Here are pictures from our Closing Field Day in 1993, of Mary Buckley winning the Senior Club Championship, the Putting Competition, AND the Brent Trophy for Greatest Reduction of Handicap. Remarkably, she was 77 years old at the time. She continued to play golf for another 15 years! No wonder many of us have said she was a great role model. 


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Buffet and Heartbeats

A group from our Women's Section got together last Friday and enjoyed Chef Jen's wonderful Christmas Buffet. The ham was excellent and of course she provided her famous (or infamous) Sticky Pudding!

The following information comes from a friend and neighbour of Bridget Smith's who is running exercise classes starting in January for anyone who might be interested.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Flashback Friday - Nov 28

From 1995, we have the winners of the Woods-Shaw Trophy (alternate shot): Sandy Pegg and June Savery. I am not sure why they are dressed the way they are, but we used to have themes at our Opening and Closing Field Days.

And June must have won a "closest to the pin" competition during the field Day, 
or she's buying wine for her table:
I think the photographer just wanted another picture of the outfit!

Don't forget the Christmas Buffet on Dec 12 for $16.95 ++. 
Email me by Dec 5 if you want to join us.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Save the date and Flashback Friday - Nov 14

Chef Jennifer is once again putting on her fabulous Christmas Buffets on three Fridays in Dec. How about getting together on Dec 12 at 12 noon for some Christmas cheer, camaraderie, and lunch? The cost is $16.95 plus tax and gratuity. Send me an email ( by Dec 5 to book a spot for you at the table. I will send you back an email confirming your attendance. All are welcome on 12/12 at 12!

Thanks to Joan, our Tuesday convenor, "Harry" was revived this year. He has a long and glorious history with our Section. Here are some pictures of Harry over the years:

1997 - Will Fiona Crouch keep Harry or will she pass him on to Sandy Pegg? By the way she is leaning, it looks like Sandy doesn't really want him. Harry was part of our White Elephant night and the tradition was you could keep your W.E. gift or trade it to the next person.

 Harry was so popular that buttons were made for the proud adoptive mothers. 
Thanks, Sandi for the photo.
How is Harry even standing up with that healthy appendage?

Tish Godfrey was the proud winner of Harry in 2004!

And our most recent "owner" of Harry is Catherine Watson.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Flashback Friday - Nov 7

For those of you who have been around since before 2000, here is a trip down memory lane. For those who joined after, here is what our clubhouse used to look like before the renovation:

The view from #10 fairway before :

The tree in the foreground was removed so the cart path could go between 10 and 16 tee. Before, you walked down the right side of #10 tee and more than one person was hit by a stray shot on #15.  You may also notice the small hedge that surrounded the putting green.  You can see the windows on the first floor that were in the "lower bar".

Additions were made to both ends of the building:

The view from #16 fairway before:
The former deck in front was only about 6 or 7 feet wide and was really of little use.  Although our enlarged deck doesn't get the traffic that it should, at least the women take advantage of that space regularly. That building to the right was the pro shop. Note that little evergreen tree in the middle.

And today:

It's grown considerably!! The addition of the red tee on 16 makes for a much better hole. The gardens around the clubhouse, which were never there before the renovation,  look spectacular in season.

Look for more "Flashback Fridays" coming up.....

Friday, 3 October 2014

Trophy Winners

The 2014 Trophy Winners:

The winner of the Brent Trophy for Reduction of Handicap: Lynn Attley

Dalewood 18-Hole Match Play: Tracey Perkin

Huffman 9-Hole Match Play: Sharon Klan

Mickey Ayres Putting Trophy: Joan Hayward

Doris Mitchell Doubles Match Play: Joan Hayward and Laura Ebbrell

Bulger Two Ball Trophy: Lynda Rennick and Jeanne Beaith

Mary Buckley Eclectic Trophy: Laura Ebbrell

Greta Phillips Better Ball Trophy: Gail Richards and Sharon Klan

Club Championship Low Net: Laura Ebbrell

Brent Trophy For Reduction in Handicap: Lynn Attley (picture to be added later)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Closing Field Day Pictures

Our Women's Closing is always lots of fun, but we had a very special guest entertaining us this year - Gypsy Rose Isaac. We knew she could sing, but who knew she could dance as well?

A delicious turkey dinner was served to these hungry golfers:

From left: Linda Isaac, Judith Copeland, Helen Lee, Thelma Jacobsen, Catherine Watson, Rachel Jackson, Gerry Yorke, Gina Jackson

From left: Ene Milner, Gail Richards, Claudia vander Meulen, Penny Crawford, 
Bridget Smith, Dale Hodge, Carol MacGregor, Sandi MacDonald
From left: Yvonne Shannon, Laura Roberge, Barb Pemberton, Tracey Perkin, 
Ariane Macdonald, Patty McDonald

From left: Ann Hall, Rosemarie Dale, Donna Todd, Eleni Ponting, Joy Vogt, Laura Ebbrell, Shirley Harrison
From left: Nancy Hart, Marylyn Schroter, Jennifer Rogers, Joan Hayward, Sally Okazawa, Jeanne Beaith, Lorraine Hinchliffe
And now the various winners of the day: 
Lowest putts - Claudia, Ene, Penny, Dale

Best Back Nine - Tracey, Yvonne, Laura

Best Front Nine - Sally, Joan, Marylyn, Cathy (absent)

Fifth Place - Ariane, Barb, Patty

Fourth Place: Donna, Laura, Shirley, Lynda (absent)

Third Place: Gail, Bridget, Carol, Sandi

Second Place: Sharon, Martha, June, Diane

First Place: Nancy, Jeanne, Jennifer, Lorraine

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Closing Field Day, Trophy, and Challenge Board Results

I think we will all agree the weather for Closing Field Day could not have been better, the course was in great shape, the food yummy, and the company terrific! The entertainment was pretty good as well!!!  Pictures of all the winners (and the entertainment) will follow in another blog posting.  Thanks to Patty and Tracey for organizing Closing Field Day.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

World Junior Girls' Championship

Do you want to see some great golf and future LPGA players in action?

The inaugural World Junior Girls' Championship is being held this coming week, just a little over an hour away at Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham. It runs from Monday to Wednesday and admission is free. Because we are hosting, Canada is able to have two teams competing, including the #1 amateur in the world - Brooke Henderson. Details are in this link:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Last Tuesday, AGM, Team Play Results

Sadly, our Tuesday league has come to an end. Thank you to Joan Hayward for doing a great job!!  Joan distributed the prizes last night and had a couple of extra surprises - especially one that was a blast from the past - Harry!!  Congratulations to Catherine Watson for being the BIG WINNER of the evening!  Remember, Catherine, as much as you might want to keep Harry forever, you are the custodian of this wonderful gift for only a year!

AGM:  President Linda reported on all the activities for the season and thanked her executive and other volunteers for organizing them. It was a busy year! The new executive was presented, which includes Laura Ebbrell and Lorraine Hinchliffe taking on the jobs of Treasurer and House and Social, respectively. All other people are staying on for another year. Thanks to all!

Although it appears Linda is serenading us, she really just talked.

Team Play Results
Full Team Play results including financials are on the Team Play board outside the women's locker room. The final Tuesday was very exciting with Sandi's Swingers and Leni's Girls on Fire being neck and neck and actually tied on the final day. After 8 weeks of play, Leni's Girls on Fire won by 3 points accumulated through the season. Congratulations!
We averaged just over 40 players out each week of Team Play. The best comment I heard last night was "Team Play got me out to play more".  Mission accomplished!!

Winners of Team Play:  Leni's Girls on Fire!

Judith Copeland, Sharon Klan, Lorraine Hinchliffe, Ann Hall, June Savery, Eleni Ponting, Laura Ebbrell, Janet Harvey.  Absent: Laura Roberge, Kim Rudd, Yvonne Shannon, Nancy Sharpe, Catherine Watson.

Runners-Up: Sandi's Swingers

Diane Arsenault, Gail Richards, Linda Isaac, Sharon Gutteridge, Sandi MacDonald, Sandy Pegg. Absent: Lynn Attley, Penny Crawford, Martha Killoran, Marylyn Schroter, Annabel Thorpe, Gerry Yorke.

Most Valuable Players for each Team combining Attendance and Proficiency

Sandi MacDonald, Laura Ebbrell, Joan Hayward, Dale Hodge

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Rules and ball marks

Do you find that the print is too small and you don't have your reading glasses with you, or that you just don't have time before, during, or after your game to sit and concentrate on the rules?


You'll be happy to know they are posted on the blog under Pages (down the right side) and will be updated periodically. You do not get an email when the pages are updated, just when there is a new posting. So you need to check back occasionally. If you want any other rules explained please let me know.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Devil's Results and the food!!

The format of the Devil's Tournament encourages fun and that was definitely the order of the day; just maybe that is what led to so many great scores!   

The big winners of the day were Patty McDonald and Catherine Watson.

In second place were Lynda Rennick and Sally Okazawa.

 In third place were Tracey Perkin and Gail Richards.

In fourth place were Lynn Attley and Eleni Ponting.

And for those who missed the event these were the meal selections - scrumptious!
Beet salad with or without grilled chicken, flatbread pizza with grilled peaches and chicken, and the winner of the evening: salmon with mustard herb yogurt sauce.